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Cashmere is one of the most successful souvenirs in Iran. Our country's craftsmanship should be placed on the list of the world's most unique handicrafts. In the year of supporting Iranian goods, buying Iranian handicrafts for souvenirs and gifts to friends and acquaintances is one of the most important things that fellow countrymen can do to support domestic production in the eco-system of resilient economy. Especially as buying Iranian handicrafts, supporting the cultural heritage and protecting Iranian culture and civilization and supporting the survival and vitality of the ancient industry, we, as legacies of the proud land of Pars, are obliged to provide all-round support. Terme Dastjerdi Yazd, as the best brand in the country and endorsed by the industry and mining and trade, cultural heritage, crafts and tourism, and the sole holder of the statue of consumer rights in the last two consecutive years in the form of appropriate gifts, at the right time can New doors in corporate communications with employees, partners and even their customers. Specialist and professional supply chain of Terme Dastjerdi is always working to bring about unique products in terms of quality, color and variety; the slogan ``No Quality Ends`` and fulfills its mission of protecting the legacy of past generations and continuing the path. He has come to the end to deliver a lasting impression of Iranian art.
About Us
Dastjerdi Terme is engaged in the design and manufacture of fabric and tarpaulins of Terme with the brand ``Dastjerdi Terme Yazd``, and its mission is to maintain the identity and originality of this original fabric and to preserve the cultural and native heritage of previous generations; an effect Persistently offering this Iranian art to its well-known customers, it is proud to offer a quality and unique product in a bid to achieve the objective crystallization of rich Iranian culture.
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