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Dastjerdi cashmere is involved in the design and production of cashmere fabrics and frames with the brand “Dastjerdi cashmere Yazd”, whose mission is to preserve the identity and authenticity of this authentic fabric and to preserve the cultural and indigenous heritage of previous generations; Offer this Iranian art to its loyal customers and is proud to take a step towards the objective crystallization of rich Iranian culture by offering unique and unique goods and hopes to be a pathway to authentic authentic Iranian cultural heritage. Most of the Iranian fabric is at its core to revive yesterday’s tradition with today’s industry.

Yazd’s cashmere cashmere has so far offered different designs in colors and fabrics, and high-end stitching. Atlas design color codes such as square desktops, round desks, four-piece desks (including dining table runner, front desk and two honey desks ), Sweatshirts and … Silk and polyester are sold online on the site. Atlas Design is one of the 5 color schemes of Yazd’s other 5 color schemes; Fractional Design is Agrin Design which also has 5 piece service and worship service. In addition, the cashmere design, texture and production of the Cobra, Challenger and Eight Paradise designs are all 8 colors and silk.

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